We Are Now in Retail!

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A small company like ours takes big pride in expanding availability to our customers, while maintaining and continuing to improve both quality and customer service.

In hopes of being more available, easier to find and quicker for you to get in your hands, the @hodaglickingstick products will be available at select retailers in 2019. We begin shipping out stocking orders this week!

I can’t wait to share locations that you will soon be able to find our products. Thank you all for your help and support!!!

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  1. Alex Zielinski

    Does the liquid have to be refrigerated if not opened. Didn’t have a chance to use it for a while. Did even open package until this weekend. Thanks.

    • admin

      Hey Alex,
      Sorry for the delay in response. The scent does not need to be refrigerated, even after opening. Make sure to open the bottle slowly, as it will pressurize after extended time sitting unopened.

  2. Mike H.

    How often is the stick applied with the scent. Video made it seem like it was one and done.

    • admin

      Hi Mike, the beauty of this system is that once the deer start using the stick they are refreshing it for us. The scent is only designed to initiate interaction with the stick, but once it is jumpstarted we leave it alone. We are big on low pressure, and usually leave our cameras alone and do a card pull around once a month. When I go pull my cards I may re-scent it just because I’m there and it won’t hurt anything, but alot of the time if I know they are using the stick frequently I will just leave it alone and stay out of there. This system relies heavily on having the stick in places deer are already going, like a food plot, trail crossing, etc… and gets them to come to one spot in front of your camera or stand and keep them there longer. Hope this answered your question, thanks!

  3. Roger nepveu

    Does it have to be in a field only or does it work in the woods? As anyone used it that way?

    • admin

      Hi Roger, they work well in both scenarios. We have had a-lot of success on areas such as logging roads, trail crossings, etc… The key is put it in an area that deer already are, and this puts them on a specific spot right in front of your camera or stand. It won’t draw deer from hundreds of yards away, but it will put deer that are already in an area on one spot.

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