The Battle of the Licking Stick- Bucks Establishing Dominance and Becoming Territorial

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About a week or so ago we were sent a series of trail cam pictures of a buck that appeared to be guarding “his” Licking Stick…

Huh, we thought…that’s pretty cool.

Then a different customer sent a similar situation with a buck showing ownership over the Licking Stick… 
then another…

and another…

Here’s a couple video captures of even more action!
(Click below image to view)

(Click below image to view…sound on!)

Have you seen this “ownership” and dominance happening with any of your Licking Stick setups?
Please share! It’s one of the most interesting things we’ve seen so far and we would love to see what’s happening on yours.  Needless to say, the pics and videos have been answering the age old question… size doesn’t matter after all! Zoinks!

Oh, and since it’s Friday… we’ve gotta share this other video with you.
Sometimes when we try to explain what The Licking Stick is, we use the analogy of it being like a water cooler for deer.  It’s the place that everyone stops by each day to catch up on what’s going on, get the low down on the new girl, just hang out and get the scoop.  A place to relax and just chill for a bit. Well, we’ve seen The Licking Stick turning into more of a kegger party on one of our setups!
Look at these deer just go at it all night long, right into day break!
Check out this time-lapse on our YouTube page (click image to play in new window):

Brings ya back to college a bit doesn’t it?
Well, speaking of kicking back…TGIF!
Time to get out in the woods.  If you’re heading out too, good luck out there!
Send us some pictures of your hunt setup over The Licking Stick!

And if you haven’t yet, get your own Licking Stick System here.
We can’t wait to see your Licking Stick trail cam pictures, too!!
Post them on our Facebook page or submit to [email protected]
-The Licking Stick Team

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