New HODAG Product Now Available: The Licking Branch System

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The ALL NEW HODAG Licking Branch

The Licking Branch is everything you need to easily, effectively, and efficiently create mock scrape scenarios for both scouting and hunting. The Licking Branch allows you to create a mock scrape with a variety of branch types at the perfect height and angle, in the location of your choice.

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The HODAG Licking Branch is the perfect product for getting whitetails to create and work scrapes exactly where you want them…in front of your camera and stands. The HODAG Licking Branch is great for both taking inventory and also works great as a hunting aid. They will allow you to gather a lot of insight on which deer are in the immediate area, particularly during the pre-rut and rut time periods of the fall.  Using the HODAG Licking Branch will help you understand the patterns that specific deer follow and also let you know when new deer move in and through your hunting area. With the information learned it will give you a better chance for a successful hunt.

Knowing what you want to use your Licking Branch for is very important when it comes to finding a location, and location is key. Do you want to use it for scouting or hunting purposes or maybe even both? Food plots, logging roads, field edges, & heavily traveled deer trails are great locations to use. If you are using the Licking Branch as a hunting aid, place it where you have a good shot, and where it can serve as a yardage marker.

The type of branch is also important to take into consideration. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different kinds of branches and vines to find which the deer like best when paired with the AllSeason Scent ™. It is important to liberally coat your Licking Branch with the AllSeason Scent ™ to maintain the deers interest. We also recommend you to create a mock scrape as well to stimulate curiosity and encourage the deer to interact and investigate, leaving their scent behind.























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