New HODAG Product Now Available: HempScent Rope

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The ALL NEW HODAG HempScent™ Rope

We are excited to announce another new product to our HODAG line called the HODAG HempScent™ Rope, which acts as an alternative to a natural vine. Most hunters understand the value and power of scent when it comes to deer communication. Deer often use natural vines when they are available, unfortunately, natural vines are not always available and/or where we would like them to be located. With the HempScent™ Rope you can place a replicated vine in the spot you want it to be.

Hang the HODAG HempScent™ Rope over a mock scrape, apply the HODAG AllSeason™ Scent and jumpstart an extremely effective way to put deer exactly where you want them…in front of your camera and/or stand. Cut the rope to the desired length for your specific setup and apply a zip tie or small piece of wire whatever distance you would like to prevent the rope from fraying further than desired. Experiment with your HempScent™ Rope setup. There is no wrong way when it comes to how you setup your HODAG HempScent™ Rope.

Knowing what you want to use your HODAG HempScent™ Rope for is very important when it comes to finding a location, and location is key. Do you want to use it for scouting or hunting purposes or maybe even both? Food plots, logging roads, field edges, & heavily traveled deer trails are great locations to use. If you are using the HempScent™ Rope as a hunting aid, place it where you have a good shot, and where it can serve as a yardage marker.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different ways to set up your HODAG HempScent™ Rope to see what the deer like best when paired with the AllSeason™ scent. It is important to liberally coat your HempScent™ Rope with the AllSeason™ scent to initiate deer’s interest. We also recommend you to create a mock scrape under the rope as well to stimulate curiosity and encourage the deer to interact and investigate, leaving their scent behind.

















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