Thank you for all your support!

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With the new season creeping up on us, we are shipping the last inventory of Pre-assembles units out. Going forward we will be moving past the simple brown cardboard boxes 📦 and shipping in finished packaging. It’s really exciting as we continue … Continued

We Are Now in Retail!

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A small company like ours takes big pride in expanding availability to our customers, while maintaining and continuing to improve both quality and customer service. In hopes of being more available, easier to find and quicker for you to get … Continued

Why Do I Need The Licking Stick?

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Over the last couple of days we were flooded with new trail cam pictures from customers that were able to put their Licking Sticks out and finally had a chance to check those cameras over the weekend. They weren’t sure … Continued

No Discrimination Here!

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Bucks, does, fawns…spring, summer, fall, winter. They all use communal licking sticks year round. Take advantage of it!!!#inventorypatternhunt


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The Licking Stick is the easiest, fastest, most effective way to put deer ? on the spot. Maximize your scouting and hunting efforts while minimizing your pressure. #inventorypatternhunt